About Me

Nancy Greenfield practicing her art

I am a third generation Montanan and very influenced by the land and the people I grew up with. My parents loved nature. As a child I spent many weekends in the mountains near Helena. My father’s parents were the only Grandparents I knew. They were both historians. My Grandfather was a facts man and my Grandmother liked to embellish just a bit. So I learned to love a good story.

Growing up I was always very creative. I thought that when I graduated from High School I would become a fiber artist. Instead I became a Mom and owned a small cleaning business. After years of cleaning and attuning my eye to detail I decided to do something creative again. I took photography classes from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography here in Missoula. That was 1997. A spark was Nancy Greenfield taking a picture ignited and a passion fueled. A new path was laid before me. Besides the fact that light and shadow became completely intriguing to me I also had a passion to bring my Great Grandfather’s story to light. My Grandmother wrote his biography On The Heels Of The Buffalo in 1983. Since I was a child I wanted to make his story into a movie but for now I’ve &decided to make a photo essay. Many of my images are from this project. Using my Grandmother’s book has made it easy to follow my Great Grandfather’s trail around Montana. I am hearing many other people’s stories about Montana. With the Lewis and Clark events I have begun to want to know more than just Montana’s past 200 years. I marvel at Europe’s history and architecture. The Native Americans are speaking out now about their very long history. Their history doesn’t include elaborate architecture but does include the landscape and it’s importance. I am honored to be educated and have my mind opened. While traveling the path of my Great Grandfather I have come across many Native American landscapes. My heart wants to photograph these places and give them their Indian names back. There is a word for this. Ethnogeography. This will be another trail I travel.

I am an adventurer, explorer, story listener, story teller and sight seer. I am in awe of creation and it’s many dressings especially Montana. I hope my images make you feel connected to the landscape and its history and leaves you with a sense of wonder and belonging to the big picture, the big story, the entire world’s history, and your history.