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#032 Missoula's Peace Sign

Title: #032 Missoula's Peace Sign

Description: This is an historical image of Missoula. The Peace Sign was here since the early 70’s. A symbol of Missoula. The Peace Sign sat overlooking Missoula from Waterworks Hill. The sign was painted on a phone company reflector. The company would come and paint the reflector white and then in the night someone(s) would go up and repaint the Peace Sign. The reflector was taken down in 2001. The parts are in various locations around town. One location is a favorite shopping place Rockin Rudy’s near Hellgate High School.

Notecard 5x7 $5.00
Tile 6x8 single ceramic glazed tile $45.00
OE Open Edition Print 8x12 $40.00
OE Open Edition Print 11x17 $70.00
Matted Print OE 8x12 print in 14x18 single mat $95.00
Matted Print OE 11x17 print in 18x24 single mat $145.00
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